Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How much does it cost to use QuadJobs?
    QuadJobs is free to students. Household Employers pay $7 for a one-time first job post or $35/year for unlimited posts. Business Employers pay $95/year for unlimited posts.
  • How do employers book jobs?
    Employers post jobs after creating an account on the site -- a process that takes less than 2 minutes, we promise! After logging in, employers write a job description of the job they are offering, including the preferred start date, hours needed, and skills required. They can specify if they would like a candidate who has processed a background screen. They may include how much the job will pay in this description. The post is sent out to students who match the employer's criteria. The employer hears back from students who are interested in the job. The employer reviews the student's profiles and decides whom he would like to interview or hire. Once an employer makes a hiring decision, they award one student the job through the site.
  • How can an employer learn more about a student before offering a job?
    All students must have an active .edu address to register on QuadJobs. The site tracks every job they are awarded, so there is a clear track record of their experience in the community. QuadJobs also encourages employers to review a student's performance after the job has been completed. These reviews determine a student's JobGPA. We encourage students to complete a robust profile on the site to give employers a better picture of who they are. Lastly, employers can request an interview and references.
  • How can a student learn more about an employer before accepting a job?
    Skype or phone interviews with employers prior to taking a job are recommended. Students should feel comfortable asking an employer for references. Some jobs may permit students to work together, especially for a first-time hire.
  • How are students paid?
    When a job has been completed, employers pay students directly based on mutually agreed upon rates. QuadJobs is not involved in this transaction.
  • How much should an employer pay a QuadJobs student?
    The right wage depends on where you live, the job responsibilities, the student's level of experience, and the duration of the job (i.e. helping at a big marketing event for two hours could be $18/hour, whereas you'd pay an ongoing intern less). If you're feeling stuck, drop us a line at and we can try to figure it out together. It's an art and not a science, but we're happy to help.
  • Who sees an employer's home address?
    The only person who will see your home address is the student to whom you award your job. It is not visible to applicants.
  • Employers: How can I give the student I just employed a review?
    Go to your Job History (top right) and find the job and student in question. Click on the "give feedback" button. The rest should be straightforward, but please let us know if you need a hand.
  • Any tips for getting more students to apply to a post?
    If you're not getting a response to a job post, consider whether the compensation is in line with the work involved. We've also noticed that students gravitate more toward one-time jobs, even if they'd be able and are interested in working more regularly. Here's our tip: Even if you're looking for a regular babysitter, tutor, intern or dogwalker, you may want to try posting your job as a one-time job. "Dog walker needed this Sunday" may bring you more applicants than "Dog walker needed every Sunday." When you meet your QuadJobber, and things go well, you can discuss making it a regular thing. Also, put as much detail into your post as you can—especially your Job Description headline.
  • How can an employer hire multiple students for the same job?
    The employer should post Job #1 with all the details. Once that's out there, go to Job History (top right) and find the post. Post it again. Rinse and repeat until there's a post for each open job.
  • Students: I'm having trouble resetting my password.
    The link to reset your password will be sent to your .edu account—the same account you'll use to log on to QuadJobs. Remember to log in as a student, and to choose a password that is between 8 to 15 characters.
  • What is covered in a background check?
    Students registered on QuadJobs are provided with the opportunity to process a background check. The background checks are processed by a third party service. During the check, the third party service references the student's name against his or her Social Security Number. The student's name and SSN are then checked against the National Sex Offender and Multi-State Criminal records. When a student clears a background check, a badge is added to his or her profile.
  • How do tax laws apply to students working part-time or one-time jobs?
    On QuadJobs, users are individually responsible for any applicable tax, withholding or reporting. For specific advice, we encourage users to consult with their tax advisor.
  • What happens if a student wants to cancel his/her account?
    If you're a registered QuadJobs student and you'd like to stop receiving notifications, go to your profile page and unclick all the job categories. You will stop receiving job notification emails. To stop receiving texts and emails, unclick those notification preferences in your account. If you change your mind about using QuadJobs at a later date, you can simply undo these choices and pick up where you left off. If you'd like to fully cancel your account, please go to your account page and hit the "cancel" button.
  • Is QuadJobs secure?
    We take numerous precautions to ensure the security of QuadJobs users. We do not store passwords within our system and require a valid email address on file in order for a user to reset it. Our site has secure connections via "https" at data-sensitive sections such as Log Ins, Profiles, and payment processing pages. Our staff follows strict protocols when handling your sensitive data. We protect our students by encouraging them to report any issues they have on the job or on the site, which we then review to determine any appropriate action steps.
  • Do you have a problem or question that wasn't addressed above?
    We want our customers and our students to be happy. If for any reason you're not satisfied, we'll do our best to make it right. Please email us and our customer support team will get back to you immediately.